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Are you looking for a professional handyman in Toluca Lake? FixItAll Handyman provides professional services to clients around Toluca Lake. We handle all house repairs and provide installation services. Whether you are looking for a carpenter, interior and exterior painting, insulation services, Installation of doors and locks repair, as well as general home remodeling services, FixItAll Handyman is your ultimate end-to-end solutions provider. At FixItAll Handyman, we believe in adding professionalism and a touch of class in every service that we provide. Come to us for guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.
If you are looking for the highest quality services from highly qualified professionals, FixItAll Handyman is your reliable contractor. Our technicians will start and complete the project in the right way while ensuring conformance to all standards. We provide experienced technicians who are well conversant to all the home improvement services. we take pride in the fact that our customers prefer us for all home maintenance services. This is owing to the personalization approach that we take when delivering our services. We have focused on customer satisfaction with an aim of growing the referrals list. We know that if we satisfy all our customers, we will always get referrals from them.

About Us

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Home Insulation Services

FixItAll Handyman is the best home insulation contractor in Toluca Lake. We provide qualified expertise when it comes to insulation services, keeping your home comfortable and a happy place to be. Therefore, if you are looking for the best home insulation service providers, you just came to the right page. Our highly trained professionals specialize in providing beautiful and lasting solutions. If you contact us today for home insulation services, you are guaranteed lower home heating and cooling bills. Our professionals will advise you on the right home insulation materials. This helps to ensure that you do not have to heat your home in winter, or cool it in summer as the insulation service excellently done.

Painting Services Toluca Lake

For high quality exterior and interior painting services in Toluca Lake, contact FixItAll Handyman. FixItAll Handyman provides licensed, bonded and insured painting services to our customers. Our professional painters take pride in their quality work and remain committed to delivering beautiful walls. We always strive to execute our services to customer satisfaction. Thus, we have hired qualified professionals who provide prompt and attentive services, while harnessing latest technology with an aim of providing unmatchable results. We provide affordable high quality interior and exterior painting services.

Furniture and Appliance Installation

FixItAll Handyman offers furniture and appliances installation services to local residents and businesses. We have high-level experience delivering excellent services to our customers. We always strive to provide our customers 100% satisfaction when it comes to installation and assembly of furniture. We are proud of being a cheaper furniture assembly and appliances installation company in Toluca Lake region. Our quality installers are experienced professionals and provide satisfaction guaranteed furniture and appliance installation services.

Door Installation / Lock Repair

The door is one of the most important hardware in your home. When installing the front door, what comes to your mind is how strong the door is, because you want to feel secured, and assured that your belongings are safe. For this to be achieved, you also need a reliable lock. When choosing the door type, contact professional door installation technicians who will help you to understand the different features that doors have. FixItAll Handyman provides professional advice when it comes to installation of doors. We also repair and replace broken doors. Therefore, when you require the best front door installation services, contact us. Moreover, if the door lock seems faulty or requires replacement, FixItAll Handyman is the best contactor for that job.

Home Remodeling Contractor in Toluca Lake

Home remodeling is a serious investment and you cannot think of hiring unqualified personnel. For professional home remodeling, you need to consider highly qualified and professional experts who will help you make the right decisions. FixItAll Handyman is the right place to go for professional home remodeling services. We offer complete solutions from seeking remodeling approvals to completing the home remodeling project. Our technicians have relevant experience, having been in the industry for years. Therefore, by hiring us you are assured that we will deliver to your expectations.

Contact FixItAll Handyman for the above services. We are experienced professionals, and we will work with you hand in hand, to accomplish excellent results. We offer affordable pricing for all home repair and installation services. Call us today for professional home repair services.


How can prolong the longevity of my air conditioning system?

Make sure you are working with qualified contractors during installation because problems start once it is poorly installed. You should also establish a regular maintenance schedule to check any problems. The filters should be replaced regularly to keep them in good condition always. To avoid strain by the system, the air ducts should be cleaned regularly.

Should I cover my outdoor heat pump?

The heat pump is designed for outdoor use. Therefore covering it is not a must. However, to prevent it from the falling snow and branches; you can put a cover further from it not to interfere with its functioning